4×12G-SDI CWDM Extender

FIBERSTAMP 4x12G-SDI optical extender extends the range of 8K video transmission through optical fiber between SDI source and receiver equipment. Utilizing the 12G-SDI CWDM optical module, it extends the transmission distance up to 10km.


  • Four 12G-SDI video signals can be extended by up to 10km through single-mode fiber
  • Each channel can achieve a rate of up to 12Gbps, and 4 lanes for a total of 48Gbps to support 8K video signal transmission
  • Complies with SMPTE-424M, 292M, 295M, 297M, 305M, 310M and DVB-ASI standards
  • Pluggable SFP ports and BNC interfaces are available for plug-n-play
  • Signals are transmitted through longer, thinner fiber optic cables without electromagnetic emissions (EMI) or radio frequency interference
  • Commercial-grade operating temperatures range from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius
  • The metal housing shields electromagnetic radiation (EMI).
  • RoHS compliant (lead-free)
P/N Description
FE1FC-4V12R 4x12G-SDI(Transmitter) Optical Extender
FE1FC-4V12T 4x12G-SDI(Receiver) Optical Extender

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