400G CFP2 DCO 600km SML Duplex LC Coherent Optical Transceiver


  • Hot-pluggable CFP2 digital coherent optical transceiver modules
  • Data rate up to 425Gbps
  • Supports 200G PM-QPSK, 200G/400G PM-16QAM and 200G PM-16QAMps modulation modes
  • Supports 100GE, 200GE, 400GE and OTU4/OTUCn services
  • Compliant with OTL4.4, FOIC1.4, CAUI-4 and FOIC1.2 specifications
  • Support near-end and far-end data loopback
  • Compatible with CFP2 MSA and CFP MSA
  • Support OTN mapping and Ethernet MAC/PCS
  • Support LLDP packet monitoring
P/N Description
FVN-400T75C60CY 400G CFP2 DCO Coherent Optical Transceiver

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