100G CFP DCO DWDM C-band 50GHz Tunable 120~2000km Coherent Optical Transceiver

FIBERSTAMP 100G CFP DCO supports 100GE and OTN links reach up to 120km, 600km or 1200km. It operates at full C-band tunable DWDM wavelengths with 50GHz channel spacing, and supports up to 96 channels over a single fiber, which can greatly save fiber resources. It is an ideal solution for long-distance transmission applications.


  • Hot-pluggable CFP digital coherent optical transceiver modules
  • Full C-band tunable laser
  • 100GE/OLT4 client interface
  • Reach up to 120km or 600km or 1200km over single-mode fiber
  • DP-QPSK modulation
  • Duplex LC optical interface
  • Commercial case operating temperature range
  • 3.3V power supply
  • Compliant with RoHS (lead-free)
P/N Description
FVM-100T50C12CY 100G CFP DCO ZR,100GE/OTU4/OTUC1,120km(Built-in EDFA), 22W
FVN-100T50C12CN 100G CFP2 DCO ZR,100GE/OTU4/OTUC1,120km(No EDFA), 21W
FVM-100T50C60CY 100G CFP2 DCO MR,100GE/OTU4/OTUC1, 600km(Built-in EDFA), 23W
FVM-100T50C60CN 100G CFP2 DCO MR,100GE/OTU4/OTUC1, 600km(No EDFA), 22W
FVM-100T50W12CY 100G CFP DCO LH,100GE/OTU4/OTUC1,1200km(Built-in EDFA), 29W
FVM-100T50W12CN 100G CFP DCO LH,100GE/OTU4/OTUC1,1200km(No EDFA), 28W

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