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Open Optical
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For any kind of data centers

Comprehensive Open Optical Network

FIBERSTAMP has multiple technology paths covering the entire data center situation, from long-distance external interconnects, to data center server interconnects, to data storage in server cabinets, to cabling systems in the data center, to testing and commissioning of optical module devices, all can be covered by our open optical network system. Whether you are a large data center, a small-medium sized data center, a financial institution data center, or an enterprise data center, you can find a solution in our complete and powerful open optical network system.

Coherent DCI BOX​

Perfect for long-haul Data Center Interconnection (DCI) and metro/ telecom transmission networks, supporting up to 800G/1.6T/3.2T ultra-large-capacity service access and ultra-long-haul service transmission. Coherent DCI BOX advantages with small size, easy to expand and broaden business moves. 

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