Which is the cheapest solution for 400km DCI transmission?

The introduction of coherent optical technology is one of the most significant innovations in the development of DWDM systems and a technological high ground of ultra-haul high speed optical communication, which is temporarily irreplaceable in the field of transmission over 90km. In ultra-haul DCI applications, there are several coherent solutions to choose from, and users are often most concerned about price.

In this article, based on the reference price setting from the US market, we compare the overall price of 800G bandwidth scheme with different rates of coherent optical modules for the same 400km transmission conditions to find out which rate of the coherent optical module is the most cost-effective to use.

Coherent Optical Modules

Comparison of selected 100G CFP/CFP2 DCO, 200G CFP2 DCO, 400G CFP2 DCO and 400G QSFP-DD ZR, with Rx OSNR tolerances of the listed modules meeting the transmission 400km.

Transmission Conditions

Transmission 400km, 80km per span end, 5 spans in total, with EDFA base station cascade amplification. Optical layer EDFA amplifier resources remain consistent and no price comparison is required.

From the table, we can easily find that 400G CFP2 DCO and 400G QSFP-DD ZR solution has the relevant cost advantage in the total price, and can satisfy the service demand of 25.6T for future bandwidth upgrade. In particular, the tendency will be more obvious in the future when coherent optical module switches to 400G QSFP-DD form factor.

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