Critical Role of 12G SDI Optical Modules in Ensuring High-Definition Video Transmission Stability

12G SDI is a solution designed for 4K ultra-high-definition video transmission.
Its primary principle is that 12G SDI can integrate four 3G-SDI signal lines into one, achieving the transmission of 4K audio and video. This integration ensures the quality of transmitting 4K high-definition images and audio while also reducing costs.

There’s a significant difference between SDI optical modules and our standard optical modules.
SDI optical modules are designed specifically for video transmission. The encoding method for video data streams differs from that of telecommunications data. Apart from the difference in rates, they also need to fulfill a form of ‘pathological code testing’ required by video standards.
In addition to meeting general technical standards, SDI video optical modules must pass some specific tests, with the most important being the ‘pathological code (Pathologic Pattern)’ detection and CRC error testing! SDI video optical modules that fail these tests can easily encounter a ‘digital cliff,’ resulting in issues like black screens or flickering images; these issues might occur frequently or intermittently, sometimes appearing every few minutes or even hours.

‘Pathological code testing’ involves artificially creating test codes based on possible scenarios that may occur during usage. They have a certain probability of occurring, similar to stress tests for standard optical modules.

Currently, our standard optical modules can support overclocking to 11G rates, and some can even reach 12G. While using down-speeding to 16G/25G can address rate matching issues, modules not specifically designed and tested cannot directly support ‘pathological code transmission.’ Through our actual tests, we found that our standard modules may experience no signal reception in a 12G 3840x2160p 30Hz line. In a 10G rate environment using a Blu-ray DAD line, the video might display but could have jitter issues. Therefore, in the environment of high-definition video transmission, professional 12G SDI optical modules are necessary to ensure stable data signal transmission and sending, ultimately guaranteeing the clarity and stability of the video.

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