FIBERSTAMP Releases Color X O-BAND 100G QSFP28 DWDM1 Silicon Optical Transceivers

June 25, 2024. Singapore – FIBERSTAMP has launched Color ZR+ 100G QSFP28 PSM DWDM4 optical transceivers for Non-coherent subsystems in March this year. It is based on 4x25G NRZ four-carrier DWDM solution, available in C-BAND and O-BAND series. Efficiently spanning distances of more than 80 km, it provides a more cost-effective DWDM transport solution for data center Interconnect (DCI) and metro area networks. Since its launch, it has been widely used in the client sides and has been highly recognized by customers.

Now FIBERSTAMP is offering a new Color X Series 100G QSFP28 DWDM1 O-BAND silicon optical transceivers based on 150Ghz O-BAND DWDM Grid, single-wave 100G PAM4 silicon optical modulation technology platform. Duplex LC interface is adopted to provide 16 wavelengths for selection, achieve 1600G total bandwidth on SMF dual-fiber, meet DCI interconnection applications, and can achieve 30km transmission under the support of SOA optical amplifier (10km transmission without SOA), without the need for dispersion compensation DCM module, the power consumption of this optical transceiver is less than 3.5W. Compared with coherent DWDM, this scheme has the advantages of low cost, low delay, low power consumption and easy deployment.

Figure 1 – 1600G Transmission Solution with O-BAND 100G QSFP28 PSM DWDM1

Color X 100G QSFP28 DWDM1 O-BAND silicon optical transceivers integrates the latest technology DSP chip to realize 4x25G NRZ to 100G PAM4 and monolithic integrated silicon optical MZ modulation chip, CWL laser achieves 150Ghz O-BAND DWDM wavelength optional.

Figure 2 – 100G QSFP28 PSM DWDM1 Block Diagram

The product has the advantages of low power consumption and high performance, and the key parameters are as follows:

  • TDECQ per channel is less than 2.4dB, which is better than the protocol specification <3.4dB;
  • Rx Sens(OMA) sensitivity is better than -9dBm@2.4e-4 Pre-FEC 53GBd PAM4, better than the protocol specification <-6.1dBm;
  • The maximum power consumption of the optical transceiver is less than 3.5W.

Figure 3 – TX TDECQ (dB) Diagram

Figure 4 – Rx Sensitivity under 0~70℃ cycling test

FIBERSTAMP is committed to utilizing silicon photonics and traditional technologies for non-coherent DWDM transmission solutions for 100G DCI networks. The focus of this product strategy is low cost, economic efficiency, with unique technical solutions.


As an Open Optical Network Mail Carrier, FIBERSTAMP is committed to providing global users with Economic, Professional and Efficient Open Optical Network Solutions. The current main products cover 25G/50G/100G/200G/400G optical transceiver modules, Active Optical Cables (AOCs) and Direct Attached Cables (DACs), 100G/200G/400G coherent optical modules and UHD video transmission products. Meanwhile, through long-term deep digging in new technology, FIBERSTAMP is rapidly evolving to the promising era of 800G and CPO based on Silicon Photonics!