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Innovative Technology

Immersion cooling is a full immersion solution using insulating liquid as the coolant. The heat is directly transferred from the server to coolant, the coolant then undergoes secondary heat exchange with the coolant sent in from the primary side. The final round of returned water from the primary side undergoes heat exchange with the atmosphere or is directly used for warm water heat recovery and waste heat utilization. This is called immersion cooling architecture. 

Immersion Liquid Cooling Extender

A new standalone product, the Immersion Liquid Cooling Extender, is designed for immersion-cooled data centers. It extends the electrical interface of the server to the surface, allowing 40G/100G/200G QSFP transceivers or AOCs to interconnect with QSFP-QSFP flat cages, increasing the flexibility of the data center architecture and enabling significant capital expenditure savings.

Immersion Cooling Extender

Ordering Information

Immersion Liquid Cooling Extender Series
Product NamePackage Type AWGLengthTemperature (°C)P/N
Immersible 40G QSFP+ Extender QSFP+ to QSFP+ Flat Cable 30AWGup to 50cm0~60FSQE-PC041-DXX
Immersible 100G QSFP+ ExtenderQSFP28 to QSFP28 Flat Cable30AWGup to 50cm0~60FSQE-PC101-DXX
Immersible 200G QSFP+ ExtenderQSFP56 to QSFP56 Flat Cable30AWGup to 50cm0~60FSQE-PC201-DXX
Immersion Liquid Cooling dAC Series
Product NameMax. Data RateLengthTemperatureP/N
Immersible 25G SFP28 DAC25.78125Gbps5m0~70℃FSS-PC250-XXC
Immersible 100G QSFP28 DAC103.12Gbps5m0~70℃FSQ-PC101-XXC

Immersion Cooling Interconnect Solutions

FIBERSTAMP pioneers high-performance interconnect solutions for HPC clusters, emphasizing immersion cooling technology. We specialize in crafting optical modules supporting speeds from 10G to 800G, specifically tailored for the InfiniBand protocol.

  • Remain ordinary optical modules above TOR of typical data center
  • Server connected to TOR with immersion cooling optics

Boost up higher bandwidth for
your data center