Who We Are

FIBERSTAMP is an open optical network middleware provider with a diverse technology path, located in Shenzhen, China, and Singapore. We specialize in optical transceivers and coherent communication subsystems. We focus on Data Centers, Server, 5G Open RAN and UHD video transmission systems applications.

Half is the flame, half is the ocean. FIBERSTAMP has both transceivers based on traditional III-V lasers and transceivers based on Silicon Photonics technology. We also have solid expertise in direct attach copper cables (DAC) and immersible liquid cooling transceivers series that have won patents for our technology development. Aiming at the technological uncertainties of the high-speed communication era, we focus on the principles, details, and application areas of various technologies in order to create the best value of technical and economic compatibility for users in diverse optical network market segments. We also strive to be the bridge between Big Data and 5G era Cloud Hardware.

The R&D and marketing cornerstone team of FIBERSTAMP is comprised of leading global optical device and module companies, as well as North American system equipment vendors. Our North American operations are centered in Singapore, with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in China and Southeast Asia.

FIBERSTAMP aims to travel through space time and mail the future. We strive to be the rider of the open optical network society, providing speedy and valuable services to global users.

Think in the peak, then be the peak! The choice and trust from customers is FIBERSTAMP's way to reach the peak of success in business.


FIBERSTAMP Headquarter Relocated to Singapore with Southeast Asia Manufactory Establishment

By setting up a headquarters and Southeast Asia Factory in Singapore, FIBERSTAMP will gradually improve its global industrial chain and become a service manufacturing company in compliance with global trade rules. 

48G-SDI Video Optical Extender Augments 8K Visual Experience Delivery

With the prevalence of the 8K visual experience, FIBERSTAMP has launched the 48G-SDI (4x12G) broadcast-grade video optical extender kit solution to meet the demand for 8K uncompressed SDI baseband video remote transmission.