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Core Technology

We are an open optical network mail carrier to enhance the economical of the data center. 

SIPH Technology

Generate signals with less dispersion, less inter-symbol interference (ISI), optimal link signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and so on, which ensure high quality for 100G PAM4 transmission over fiber. 

Copper Interconnect Cable Technology

Excellent signal integrity, and obtained a number of invention patents in hardware SI, structure, process, testing, etc.

Immersion Cooling Technology

Immersion cooling allows for a much greater density of processing capabilities by removing active cooling components such as fans and heat sinks. 

Open ZR+ Technology

oFEC is a type of SD-FEC that can provide better recovery rates to ensure data correctness over long-distance transmissions up to 1000s of km. 

Core Target

Create the best value of technical and economic compatibility for users in diverse optical network market segments

open optical network hardware

MSA, Open ZR+ standard compatible

A solid foundation is established for the realization of a free and open network.

Plug-and-play interface design

Hot-pluggable form factor and easy to maintain

One-stop integration solution

Integrated various technology paths for any type of scenario.

Open software platform and remote Access

Self-develop cloud programming platform & remote firmware upgrade system

Leading green energy technology

New power consumption solution for sustainable development

Continuous decoupling capability and innovative development

Continuous research and innovation for the next generation high communication era.

Network economics and ecosystem

FIBERSTAMP offers an open checker platform to help customers realize the field bit error rate testing (BERT) of optical transceivers and the programming of compatible codes.  

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Multiple product technologies & scene applications

A letter to you from all over the world

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Learn more diverse and detailed products and solutions for optimizing your network’s capacity to the next level.

FIBERSTAMP Company Product Brochure

Company Product Brochure

Differentiated technology propositions and middleware products to optimize optical networks. 


Open DCI DWDM Solutions

A smarter, smaller, easier DWDM solution for ultra-haul data center interconnection for all kinds of needs. 

HPC Interconnect Hardware
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Unleash the lightning-fast performance with our various interconnect solutions. Unlock your data’s potential now!

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