With Hope | FIBERSTAMP Exhibits at OFC2020

Affected by the novel coronavirus epidemic situation (COVID-19) , this OFC 2020 can be described as many twists and turns. After understanding the risk of the epidemic, FIBERSTAMP set up the OFC 2020 special action group for the first time. After a long period of preparation and preset assessment of various risk conditions, FIBERSTAMP made a careful and thoughtful decision, as promised exhibiting on March 8-12 OFC 2020 exhibition and conference in San Diego, California, and strict control in all aspects to ensure the company’s employees and visiting customers during the exhibition.

FIBERSTAMP will highlight the latest combination products in the data center field and 5G field. The data center field focuses on the industry-leading 400G / 200G AOC / optical module products, including 400G QSFP56-DD AOC (50G PAM4 DSP), 200G QSFP-DD AOC (25G NRZ), 200G QSFP56 AOC (50G PAM4 DSP), 50G SFP56 AOC (50G PAM4 DSP) and other products; and 200G QSFP56 FR4 / ER4 / LR4 / DR4 / SR4 series using 50G PAM4 DSP modulation method, 200G QSFP-DD LR8 / PSM8 / SR8 series using 8*25G NRZ modulation method product.

In addition, FIBERSTAMP’s well-proven 5G fronthaul, mid / backhaul product solutions will also be exhibited during the exhibition. 25G industrial optical modules, industrial 25G CWDM, and DWDM optical modules are represented, among which 25G BIDI hot selection solutions It can also save 50% of optical fiber resources; a mid / backhaul solution with 50G PAM4 high-order modulation technology and 100G / 200G high bandwidth as the highlights.

More product highlights and details will be highlighted at the exhibition site. During epidemic prevention, safety is paramount. FIBERSTAMP also warmly reminds you to fully take personal protective measures before viewing the exhibition. We are with you at OFC2020 at Booth#4907!


As an Open Optical Network Mail Carrier, FIBERSTAMP is committed to providing global users with Economic, Professional and Efficient Open Optical Network Solutions. The current main products cover 25G/50G/100G/200G/400G optical transceiver modules, Active Optical Cables (AOCs) and Direct Attached Cables (DACs), 100G/200G/400G coherent optical modules and UHD video transmission products. Meanwhile, through long-term deep digging in new technology, FIBERSTAMP is rapidly evolving to the promising era of 800G and CPO based on Silicon Photonics!