FIBERSTAMP HAOC: Endowing 5G Open RAN Fronthaul with Superior Economy, Reliability and Simplicity!

Date: 2022-01-19 261

COVID-19 and the fast development of communication technology are boosting the progress of 5G deployment. However, the progress is challenging, a big reason is that the large projects of high density mobile base stations combined more rigorous requirements for the reliability bring large cost pressure for mobile carriers. FIBERSTAMP Hardened Active Optical Cable (HAOC) series of robustness and cost-performance, as an significant supplement of FIBERSTAMP complete 5G Open RAN fronthaul optical interconnection solutions, brings the economy and reliability of the whole solutions to a higher level!

Why Choose HAOC?

Easy Deployment & Maintenance

The traditional interconnection scheme for short reach interconnection between AAU/RRU and BBU is SFP MMF transceivers plus fiber plus waterproof connector, which brings tedious process to the deployment.

Superior Reliability

FIBERSTAMP HAOC Series adopts a robust scheme of armed protection with a layer of steel lining in the inner side, endowing it with superior mechanical strength. Meanwhile, the integration design makes the HAOC invulnerable tightness and superior capacities of dustproof and waterproof, which can largely reinforce the resistance of the links to severe environments and provides a better reliability than those using normal fibers.

Superior Economy

Compared with the traditional fronthaul SFP MMF transceivers, AOC of the same rate based on VCSEL is undoubtedly cheaper, and the cost distance can be really obvious when it comes to a large required numbers. And the powerful strength can largely reduce the possibility of hardware malfunction so that the maintenance cost is significantly saved.

Where to Deploy HAOC?

FIBERSTAMP HAOC assemblies are applicable two short reach 5G fronthaul application scenarios of direct fiber connection and active WDM, the diagrams are shown as below:

Short reach Direct Fiber Connection MMF dual fiber bidirectional schemes >>


100G QSFP28 to 4x25G SFP28 HAOC

Short reach active WDM schemes>>

25G/100G HAOC

FIBERSTAMP HAOC Models at a glance:

Combined with FIBERSTAMP fronthaul optical transceivers, you can get complete, professional and flexible 5G Open RAN Fronthaul optical interconnection solution!