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Leading Video Transmission Technology

FIBERSTAMP has introduced a variety of high-speed broadcast-grade video optical transceiver kit solutions that aim to enable long-distance single-mode fiber transmission of multiple uncompressed SDI signals to meet different scenarios in the upcoming 4K/8K UHD remote transmission era. 

SDI Extenders

3G/12G/48G SDI video optical extenders are used to extend the reach of 4K/8K video transmission between SDI Source and Sink devices over fiber. The transmission distance can be extended up to 40km with FBIERSTAMP ‘s 3G/12G SDI dual-transmitter/receiver optical modules.

Ordering Information

P/NData RatesOptical PortsElectrical PortsExtender Type
FE1FC-4V12T4x 12G-SDI1x FC4x BNCTransmitter
FE1FC-4V12R4x 12G-SDI1x FC4x BNCReceiver
FE2SP-2V12F2x 12G-SDI2x SFP+4x BNCTransceiver
FE1SP-1V12T12G-SDISFP+1x BNCTransmitter
FE1SP-1V12R12G-SDISFP+1x BNCReceiver
FE1SP-1V12F12G-SDISFP+2x BNCTransceiver
FE2SP-4V3GT4x 3G-SDISFP4x BNCTransmitter
FE2SP-4V3GR4x 3G-SDISFP4x BNCReceiver

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