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Optical Transceivers

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As an important part of fiber optic communication, optical modules are optoelectronic devices that realize photoelectric conversion and electro-optical conversion functions in the process of optical signal transmission.

FIBERSTAMP possesses the strength of making silicon optical modules by mastering both traditional III-V laser-based optical modules and new silicon optical technology.  We self-developed a comprehensive range of transceivers that meets up to 800G and different distances needs. With our products, you can find the right products for your specific application. 

Server room tri-proof optical module

FIBERSTAMP market-leading “condensation, moisture and corrosion resistant” transceivers for special scenarios, such as pulp and paper, water/wastewater treatment, mining, tire and rubber manufacturing, etc. Reliability of communication products is strictly required due to the harsh industrial environment.

Ordering Information

P/NData RatesForm FactorApplicationsWavelengthReachInterfaceTemp.
FEG-100S4M10TR100GE/EDRQSFP28SR4850nm100m (OM4)MPO12I
FEG-100S4M30TR100GE/EDRQSFP28SR4850nm100m (OM4)MPO12I
FEG-112S4M10TR100GE/OTU4/128GFCQSFP28SR4850nm100m (OM4)MPO12I
FEG-112S4M30TR100GE/OTU4/128GFCQSFP28SR4850nm300m (OM4)MPO12I

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