We are looking for a high-performing BD director to help us expand and manage our US market business. You will be responsible for studying US telecommunication and network industry, and undertaking the company’s business operation work in US and be responsible for sales results.

Correspondingly, we’ll provide you handsome returns and strong technology and marketing support!

Position: BD Director (US)

Office location: United States

Salary: negotiable

  • Responsible for the development and service work for equipment vendors, operators or Internet customers in the North America markets;
  • Responsible for contract orders and customer business communication activities;
  • Responsible for holding client technical conferences and presenting product solutions;
  • Participate in exhibitions or high-level forums on behalf of the company and maintain external professional image;
  • Research and analyze market information timely, make sure of the company's constant competitiveness on targeted markets;
  • Responsible for the verification of customized product orders, the guidance and arrangement of major clients' on-site inspections;
  • Master degree in telecommunication, optics, network, business and market related field is preferred;
  • Successful technical and regional marketing experience in the field of optical communications, possess certain interpersonal network resources in the industry;
  • Strong market insights, business sense and industry expertise
  • Excellent communication, coordination, organization and analysis abilities; 
  • Posses market planning, organization, implementation, brand promotion and other necessary market development and sales capabilities.
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