About Us

FIBERSTAMP: Open Optical Network Mail Carrier

FIBERSTAMP TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. headquarters in Taiwan, and has multiple R&D, production, marketing, logistics bases of its own. The company is committed to provide professional, economical and simple optical interconnection hardware and integrated solutions for Data Center, 5G Open RAN, Transport Network and UHD video transmission systems.

Persisting of the product principles of Rationalism, Pragmatism, Economism and User-driven, based on multiple technology platforms and design architectures, FIBERSTAMP has developed complete and targeted optical product lines of differentiation of performance, design and cost, which are well applicable for diverse and complex applications and environments.

FIBERSTAMP is committed to build robust customer trust through concerning of every bit of need and potential risk of customers, and wish to construct a better future of open optical network through the joint effort of it and all partners!

Mail the Future through Time, facing the era of openness and synergy, FIBERSTAMP is always with you!

Main Products

  • Optical transceivers, direct-attached copper cables (DACs) and active optical cables (AOCs) (10/25/ 50/100/200/400/800G)

  • Coherent communication optical transceivers and DCI coherent transmission subsystems (100/200/400/800G)

  • 3/12G-SDI UHD video optical transceivers, optical extenders, HDMI AOCs etc.

Integrated Solutions

  • Data center photoelectric interconnection

    Data center photoelectric interconnection: white box ethernet switches, optical transceivers, interconnection cable assembly (DAC and AOC), MPO cabling products.

  • Transport Network

    Transport Network: active transmission devices, coherent optical transceivers, optical amplifiers, AAWG and other transmission subsystems.

  • 5G Open RAN fronthaul

    5G Open RAN fronthaul: HAOC, gray and color optical transceivers, passive WDM devices

  • UHD video transmission

    UHD video transmission: 3G/12G-SDI optical transceivers, optical extenders, passive WDM devices, HDMI transmission lines, etc.

Technology Platforms

  • Free space optical packaging platform

  • COC optical device packaging platform

  • Software & hardware design platform

  • COB assembly platform

  • Semiconductor optical chip and Silicon Photonics platform

  • Coherent communication technology platform